Author: Sabrina Luu

November 16, 2020

Chopp Deliver

The Highlight:

The pandemic has fundamentally changed consumer behaviors. As social distancing rules apply, fewer and fewer people are traveling to public places to avoid contact risks. Promotions at supermarkets are proving ineffective in attracting customers to the store, while grocery delivery services are seeing an upward trend. leading Grocery Delivery Services:

To catch on with the trend and stimulate consumption, on April 22nd, Big C (one of Vietnam’s largest supermarket chains) announced their collaboration with the grocery delivery startup Big C customers living in Ho Chi Minh City can now go to website or mobile app and order anything they wish for, from fresh produce, meat, frozen foods to personal care products and cleaning supplies, etc.

Chopp Store Pickup

Ms. Thanh Van (Hanoi) is thrilled talking about this new grocery delivery service: “In the past, I had to wake up very early to make time for grocery shopping and preparing food before leaving for work. However, even then, the market in our neighborhood did not carry a good variety of foods, so sometimes I just resorted to instant ramen. Recently I tried out online grocery shopping and found that the offered variety is excellent.” moped delivery

One notable feature of the Chopp platform is that it allows users to customize the delivery time, depending on when they want to receive their order. This, as well as outstanding customer service, is setting Chopp apart from its competitors. Chopp service currently covers the majority of Ho Chi Minh city, except for further suburban regions like Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Cu Chi, and Can Gio districts. grocery bag

There are currently about 10 companies with similar grocery delivery services in the Vietnam market. Every day these services attract hundreds of customers, the majority being white-collar workers. Facing the competition, Chopp’s founder Mr. Truong Nguyen is quite confident: “Other platforms are still adapting to the concept and operation of grocery delivery service, while Chopp already developed its complete product and established sufficient manpower. We have gained significant experience in operating and upscaling over the past three years.” Founder

According to our research on the grocery delivery service market, Chopp is leading in some key metrics. Chopp is receiving most of its organic usage from customers living in luxury apartment complexes, as well as foreigners. Although Chopp’s partner network ranges from average to high-end stores, the majority of the customers are upper-middle class. This proves that Chopp has curated a group of customers with high buying power, who are willing to pay for more expensive shopping bills.

It comes as no surprise that “convenient” is the most mentioned keyword in the online discussions about this newborn service in Vietnam. Users say that grocery delivery platforms are adding value to their nowadays busy life, and they will continue using this service in place of their regular in-store shopping.

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