Petkix - A Versatile Camera for Busy People to Take Care of their Pets.

Author: Victoria Van

December 08, 2020

Petkix Logo

The Highlights:

  1. Using technology and innovation to make the world full of happy pets.
  2. Improving the worldwide quality image of Made-in-Vietnam Technology Products.


The fast-growing number of pet owners lives by themselves. They want to have pets but also have a busy lifestyle. Many also think of their pets as family. Owners often want to feel connected to their pets and spend a lot of time video calling, talking to, feeding, and taking care of their pets. The responsibility of having a pet can often be very time consuming. Thus, Petkix wants to enable busy dog owners to spend less time taking care of their pet's basic needs and more time having fun with their pets.

Based in the USA, Petkix is a hardware startup that works on pioneering pet technology. Their first product, Petkix 360° Camera is the only dog camera in the world with a 360-degree view and built-in AI functions. Petkix's goal is to enable busy pet owners to spend less time taking care of their pets' basic needs and more time having fun with their beloved bets. Their products have many great features such as barking alert and fun treat tossing. And this is just the beginning, Petkix continues to make great technology accessible and affordable to everyone to fulfill their vision of "Improving the worldwide quality image of Made-in-Vietnam Technology Products." said Michael Trung Nguyen, CEO of Petkix.

About the CEO

About the CEO of Petkix, Mr. Michael Nguyen holds a bachelor of science in Mathematics, Economics, and Specialization in Computation from UCLA and has ten years of experience working in the USA. He has experience working on complex projects such as deploying the USA Army's satellite communication system, working with NASA, Northrop Grumman, and US Military. Michael has also worked in various startups in the USA as head of the technology department. He is also an entrepreneur and had started his first business back in college. Currently, He owns the TaiTea franchise with five business locations in the USA.

Petkix Device

The Product

Petkix’s camera is white and is made of abrasive plastic. The machine weighs 800g with dimensions of 240mm x 140mm x 140mm. Petkix is connected via Wi-Fi and is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Petkix Inside View

Petkix's camera can capture 1080p images with 9x zoom. The device is made of ABS plastic material to ensure the safety of pets and reduce damage.

Petkix Device and Dog

In addition to the traditional camera tracking function, Petkix is equipped with a microphone that allows you to "talk" with your pet even thousands of miles away. A special feature that sets Petkix devices from other machines on the market is that it can "shoot" seeds to play with your pets. It is especially useful if you have a dog as this feature will help your dog still be active when you don't have time to walk them. Furthermore, unlike other devices, Petkix will send a notification to the phone when it detects that your pet is "sad" or barking too much. Petkix’s smart devices will help you take great care of your pet even when you are far away.

The machine is plugged directly into the power source to help you comfortably take care of your pet without worrying about running out of battery. However, this is also a disadvantage because you must keep the device close to the power source. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees of Petkix you can not only play with your pet but also can monitor around the house.

Petkix Alert

With the increase in pet ownership due to covid-19, Petkix is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the influx in new pet owners. Their superior product and great software is set to change the narrative on Vietnamese made products starting with an unlikely customer: pets.

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