Author: Sabrina Luu

December 29, 2020

Smilee Logo

The Highlights:

  1. The first to provide home teeth-whitening solutions in Vietnam.
  2. High-quality products are manufactured following US technological standards
  3. Over 50,000 nationwide customers; retention rate 62%
  4. $80,000 monthly revenue; 20% growth rate

Smilee Products

Smilee are pioneers in providing the Vietnamese consumers with convenient teeth-whitening solutions. Their products are manufactured following US technological standards, meeting ISO 22716:2007, to ensure safety and premium quality. The whitening kits use gel baking soda, instead of the traditional powder baking soda, to increase whitening effectiveness while best-protecting enamel. With 20 minutes of use/day, customers can achieve desirable white teeth safely and naturally. When signed up for a subscription, every month customers receive whitening kits delivered free-of-charge to their doorsteps. Customers can pause or cancel their subscription anytime.

Smilee smiles

As of 2020, Smilee has attracted about 50,000 customers all over Vietnam, with 62% of whom coming back for more purchases. Soon, Smilee is looking to add to the variety of their products, including products that are specialized for men. Ms. Linh Nguyen, CEO of Smilee Vietnam, believes in adopting only the best technological practices for the highest product quality. “Smilee products are made in the USA”, Ms. Linh Nguyen said, “since Vietnam’s manufacturing facilities have not yet been able to handle the making of whitening pens (cylindrical containers of the whitening gel solution).”

Smilee customers

Smilee not only invests in their product quality but also their marketing campaigns. Social media marketing brought great returns for Smilee; they now have an admirable following of 35,000 people on their Facebook Page and 50,000 people on Instagram. This allows Smilee to drive a monthly revenue of $80,000, maintaining a 20% growth rate.

Sharing about expansion plans for Smilee, Ms. Linh Nguyen said “We realized that the company cannot grow big and strong without a similarly big and strong body of personnel. Therefore, human resource recruitment and training processes are essential to start-ups like our own. However, training only provides one half of the bigger picture. Start-ups need to develop an adequate company culture so that all employees are motivated to fight towards the shared values and goals.”

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